Lovens winner Innovation Award from ACG Holland

Lovens is winner of the ACG Holland Growth Awards 2022 in Amsterdam. The launch of Lovens’ electric cargo bike was awarded the Innovation Award 2022.

The annual Growth Awards were held for the sixth time. Achievements and contributions of member companies and individuals who have shown leadership are recognized in their field during this day.

Innovation Award 2022

Previously, the electric cargo bike was winner of the international design award presented by iF Design and voted “Best Tested” by ADR. ACG now also recognized the launch of Bolster and Optima Cycles as winners. The Innovation Award recognizes the company or deal that demonstrates exceptional creativity and talent while making a significant positive impact on their region, community or a sustainable development goal. More information can be found on the ACG Holland website.

About ACG Holland

Founded in 1954, ACG is the premier M&A deal-making community with a mission of driving middle-market growth. ACG’s global network operates within 61 local markets worldwide and comprises more than 100,000 middle market professionals who invest in, own and advise growing companies. Learn more about ACG and becoming a member at

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Lovens winner Innovation Award from ACG Holland

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