Bike Cover


Bike Cover

Leave your Lovens Explorer outside with peace of mind with this luxurious bike cover, unlike any other. The cover is sturdy thanks to the anti-rip material and has striking reflective prints. This makes it highly visible in the dark.

The bike cover comes with several handy options: a handy opening for your lock, a strap to pull it tight and a loop to hang it from. This makes it easy to dry. The lightweight material and handy storage bag also make it easy to take the cover with you.

Size: 256x70x135 cm

Material: Anti-rip fabric with honeycomb structure

Colour: Black

The cover offers sufficient space for the Lovens Explorer in combination with the Rain Cover.

Wondering what this looks like? We’ll show you briefly in this video.

More accessories

Bike Cover

Leave your Lovens Explorer outside with peace of mind.


Rain cover

The best way to protect your precious cargo from rain.


Box Cover

Cover and protect the precious cargo in your Lovens box.



Always know the whereabouts of your Lovens.

LED daytime running lights

With these lights you cannot pass unseen.


Maxi-Cosi adapter set

Securely attach the Maxi-Cosi in your Lovens.


Bike seat adapter

Attach a child seat in your Lovens box.


Toddler seat adapter set

Attach your toddler seat safely to your Lovens.


Lovens Rear Carrier

Carry more load on your daily routine.


Front seat

Extra seat for your precious Lovens cargo.


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