Ultimate safety for cycling families: electric cargo bike with ABS!

Lovens is proud to introduce the latest addition to their range: the Lovens Explorer with ABS.The Anti-Lock System that can be found in almost every car is now also available on cargo bikes. The introduction of the Lovens Explorer ABS is a development that redefines the standards for safety in the bicycle industry. Het Anti Blokkeer Systeem dat in bijna iedere auto te vinden is, is nu ook op de bakfietsen verkrijgbaar. De introductie van de Lovens Explorer ABS is een ontwikkeling die de normen voor veiligheid in de fietsindustrie opnieuw definieert. 

The Lovens Explorer with ABS is designed with a vision to offer families and users more safety and control during bike rides through heavy city traffic.
Modern technologies, such as smart wheel sensors and an ABS control unit, reduce the risk of skidding and blocking when braking vigorously. This results in a stable and manageable driving experience, especially on slippery surfaces. This innovative feature characterizes Lovens’ commitment to creating high-quality cargo bikes that meet the demands of modern families.

Ramon Vial, CCO of Lovens, emphasizes: “At Lovens, safety comes first, and we are excited to offer our customers the safest cargo bike experience. With the advanced Lovens Explorer ABS, families can head on their daily adventures with confidence. Drivers benefit from fast, safe and controlled braking, even with a full load in the box.”

The Lovens Explorer is a unique electric cargo bike, due to the combination of a sturdy EPP box with cage construction, an innovative display, front fork suspension and cable steering. These features ensure that users hit the road safely and comfortably. It makes the cargo bike extremely suitable for transporting children, groceries and valuable loads. When choosing a model with Bosch e-bike ABS, not only the braking force is increased, but also the braking distance is shortened. For a total experience, the bike can be equipped with stylish LED daytime running lights.

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