About Lovens

Creating e-mobility solutions that will change our world

We are Lovens

We are experts in design and build of high-quality e-cargo bikes. We make them distinctive, innovative and stylish. We build them to bring you daily happiness full of freedom and fun. That is our purpose.

Explore wherever you feel like. With Lovens you are free and independent. No traffic jams, no searching for parking spots or lugging heavy bags.

Our electric cargo bikes are of premium quality and minimal maintenance. Provided with greatest protection for the precious cargo transported in the Lovens Explorer. With state-of-the-art design and innovative technology, we go further where others stop.

Lovens.  Love to go beyond.

The electric cargo bike for a sustainable future

Love for nature. That is why we develop sustainable electric cargo bikes that prove to be trusted on every terrain.

Our founder develops high quality e-bikes and e-cargo bikes. We are experts in design, manufacturing, and distribution. With over 26 years’ experience owning factories based in the Netherlands and Taiwan. We manage the entire chain: from design to production and assembly. Limiting the carbon footprint.

With our electric cargo bikes, we are experts in alternative forms of mobility. Our mission is to encourage the use of electric mobility solutions, such as cargo bikes. Contributing to a more sustainable future, full of convenience, freedom, and fun.

Award winning design

Smooth flowing lines, iconic design, and high quality-build: designed for everyday use and carefree fun.

We are committed to everyone looking their best on e-cargo bikes. Riding the e-mobility solutions that are gorgeous and sustainable. Safe and in style. That is why design is most valuable to us.

The Lovens Explorer is more than just another e-cargo bike. Lovens premium look provides you with the feeling of freedom and stand out from the crowd. To go explore your everyday life in style  

About Lovens


Protecting your precious load

Lovens is equipped with the best features for protection, to secure your precious load. Provided with hydraulic breaks for maximal grip and control. A well-protected seat for all the little "kings and queens" in the box. With a protection tube with a so-called cage construction. You'll be an indispensable presence on the streets with the optional LED daytime running lights.


Entdecken Sie Bosch eBike ABS Cargo

Das Lovens ABS ermöglicht ein kürzeres, sichereres und präziseres Bremsen, auch bei voller Beladung. Dies schützt Sie, Ihre wertvolle Fracht und andere Verkehrsteilnehmer in unerwarteten Situationen. Lovens Explorer ABS is available on an S75 or S85 model. Lovens is an expert in alternative forms of mobility. Our products are of high quality and low maintenance. With state-of-the-art design and innovative technology, we go further where others stop. So much so that it is now even one of the first cargo bikes to be expanded to include an ABS model.


Solid manoeuvrability

Engines programmed to make you feel like a hero: powerful and in control. Followed by stepless automatic shifting*, responsive steering, feather soft suspension and navigation features. Elements that add luxury and comfort. Ideal to explore everyday life in premium style: full of convenience, freedom, and fun.

*Only available on the Lovens Explorer 65/85 Auto.

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